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Red lotusThe essence of nobility is to be free from the habit of always putting oneself first. When you embrace a noble vision for our planet, you can find ways to commit yourself to benefiting others now, so together we can have a better world in the future.

This site, our community, and our e-newsletter, exist in order to develop solutions for the most stubborn challenges of our time. We intend to create, collect, and organize new knowledge and get it into the hands of people who will put it to work. While a vision is inspirational and probably necessary, we believe it must be expressed in practical action that produces clear benefits.

The staff of Noble Planet cannot do this alone. To succeed, we need our community to flourish, with members and friends engaging effectively with each other and the world at large, and in this engagement, to refine thinking, develop new insights, innovate new processes, and constantly break new ground.

We invite you to join us, get to know the growing community, learn more about the areas of knowledge and action that interest you, contribute your own passion and knowledge, and partner with others who are taking action.

Our motto is "be the future now." In part, this is a way of saying let's not wait to do what is most important. Let's not wait for another person to step up and do what is right. We want to take that burden, and joy, upon ourselves right now, today, in this moment, for the sake of everyone.

Rod Williams


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