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The Noble Planet Community Network is the beating heart of the Web site. The community exists to have an impact on the world we live in--to help our planet become a noble planet. And, of course, for that to happen, it helps if people become noble people, but also people who know how to lead, to follow, to mobilize ideas and energy, to think clearly and precisely, and to get things done. This is a lot to ask of ourselves. We are committed to developing projects to benefit others (whether they are members of our community or not), which requires a lot of planning and real world effort.

We do not believe that the pinnacle of human achievement is "comfort," and so we don't mind so much when going out of our way to help other people presents some inconveniences or even hardship and sacrifice. In fact, that is terrific sometimes. If we are going to some trouble, let's make it really worthwhile.

We want to build a community dedicated to gathering, creating, and distributing knowledge (and know-how) necessary for helping others, and then to put that knowledge to work in as many places as possible.

Areas of potential focus include health care, poverty, conflict resolution, diplomacy, war and violence, education, environmental protection and enhancement, species conservation, animal rights, climate change, food production, access to clean water, refugee care, support for the disabled and elderly, and many others.

Our network accomodates individuals and groups. It offers a multitude of ways to enable you to join in--upload audio, video, and photographs; start your own blog; or start a forum in the message boards.

We are so glad you are here.



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The Floods of Knith

Frankl on the lookoutIntroduce a child or your classroom to a new way to think about complex systems. The Floods of Knith demonstrates how people can work together to solve the thorniest problems by using an approach based on systems thinking.

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