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I'm Just Sayin' . . .

Eamonn Kelly has some serious concerns about your future.
Video © Pegasus Communications, used by permission.


Pegasus logoThe Pegasus Conference

Systems Thinking in Action:
Fueling New Cycles of Success

November 8-10, 2010
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Build your skills for thriving in conditions of accelerating complexity at the 20th Annual Pegasus Conference. With the help of keynote presenters Dayna Baumeister, Andy Hargreaves, Daniel H. Kim, Frances Moore Lappé, and Peter Senge, you'll soon be creating new cycles of success for your own organization or community.


ALIA logoThe ALIA Institute

Authentic Leadership in Action
Summer Institute

June 6-12, 2010
Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Summer Institute brings together systems-oriented tools with the values and practices of authentic leadership, creating a unique and powerful learning environment for leaders navigating through tumultuous times.


SoL logoSociety for Organizational Learning

Leading and Learning for Sustainability

April 27-29, 2010, Paris - FRANCE
November 17-19, 2010, Washington, DC area - US

Companies in every industry can successfully remake their reputations and brands through serious attention to increasing sustainability vs reducing unsustainability, or worse yet, doing nothing at all. Join Peter Senge and leading practitioners for this three-day program based on the frameworks described in Senge's new book, The Necessary Revolution.

From the Daily Galaxy

Just to keep things in perspective
Massive New Supernovas Observed -"Could They be the Destroyers of Life in the Universe?"

This will devastate the market for aluminum foil hats. We are selling our collection for less than the price of the aluminum!


From the Daily Galaxy (also)

Large Hadron Collider Complex Penetrated by Man from Future

I knew this would happen--right out of Dr. Who. Previously more elusive than the Higgs boson, a sense of humor among particle physicists is now being tracked.


From the Telegraph

Human civilisation 'will collapse' unless greed culture is stopped, report warns

The article draws on the World Watch Institute's 2010 State of the World Report. We can see the train coming but will enough of us be able to step out of the way? And, start a "toy library" for your neighborhood.


Jeremy Rifkin's New Book
The Empathic Civilization

This book is worth a look. Rifkin questions the bases for older models of human nature, and suggests a new model based on neuroscience research into "mirror neurons"--a biological mechanism that may indicate that empathy guides our choices more than we realize.

A brief reading from a book, a clip from a lecture, sounds of the jungle, and who knows what else.

This first slot will be held for a lengthy period by selections from Thoreau. This is from the start of "Friday," the last chapter of A Week on the Concord and Merrimac Rivers.

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Mark Twain on "life's turning-points"

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A short poem by Shelley

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